Saturday, July 24, 2004

Dual Mode Transport

You know, although India is getting all these great roads now, which are really a pleasure to drive on, but I still feel that our rail service, despite having one of the largest number of reachable destinations as well as having the one of the longest amount of tracks in the world, is one of the most under-utilised resources of our country.

Of course, improving the rail systems will itself help a great deal. The whole logistics of sending a package from say, Bangalore to Delhi by rail, is such a headache, that it's simply easier and safer to pay more and transport it by road. But there are other impacts of the high amount of road transportation that happnes in India. One of the biggest being increased dependency on oil. Per kilometer, it is more expensive to transport goods by road than rail. Besides the fact that there is much more environmental damage involved. And this is not even considering other facts like increased probability of accidents on the roads and more garbage being littered in the countryside.

Why doesn't Indian Railways provide a container service, for example? Just like what is available for road transport. What about an online tracking service of goods? What about assured deliveries? I'm sure this can be achieved, especially in the metropolises.

That is as far as the goods side goes. What about people? We all know that state transport buses are the most dangerous animals on the roads! Is there an alternative possible? I came across this dual-mode transport vehicle, which not only runs on the road but also on the rails! I think this would be ideal for India. Even if the train does not have a major stop in one of the smaller towns, it would be possible to connect those towns by rail!

Check it out...

Dual Mode Transport

Alternative Trasportation Systems


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